15" Transitional Induction Cooktop


Magic? No, magnets.

Beneath the sleek minimalist surface of the Wolf 15” Induction Cooktop dwells a cooking technology of startling precision and power. It’s called magnetic induction. The cooktop doesn’t heat up, the cookware does, fast and with perfectly distributed heat. Turn an element up or down, and the temperature response is instantaneous – up to 40% faster than gas or electric. Wolf induction produces very high highs and very low lows, for faster sears and boils or gentle simmers and melts. (A low-end finesse that other induction cooktops may not give you.)

The CI152TF/S is highly efficient, exceptionally safe and easy to clean, because the cooktop stays relatively cool. Black ceramic glass surface resists scratching, staining, impact and heat. Illuminated white LED sliding touch controls are crisp and easy to read. And best of all, the 15" induction cooktop is just one of eight Wolf modules that bring specialty cooking into your kitchen.

General Specifications
Overall Dimensions: 15" W x 2" H x21" D
Discharge Location:
Vertical Discharge:
Element Diameter: 8.5", 6"
Electrical Supply: 3-wire, 240/208 VAC, 60 Hz
Electrical Service: 20 amp dedicated circuit
Conduit Length: 4 feet
Product Features
Distributes heat more evenly with 40 percent faster temperature response than gas or electric
Transfer heat more efficiently due to energy supplied directly to the cookware
Enjoy cooking with lightning-fast highs and subtle lows
Pair our slim 15" width with other Wolf modules for an integrated design
Promote safer and easier cooking with cookware sensing guards
Cleanup is a snap with the black ceramic glass surface
Enjoy the illuminated touch controls and convenient lock feature
Model #
Model Options
Stainless-steel island trim (included)
Stainless-steel bezels
1 - 9,200 Btu burner
1 - 15,000 Btu burner
1 - 18,000 Btu burner
1 - 20,000 Btu burner
1 - 35,000 Btu wok burner
2 standard oven racks
1 perforated pan and 1 solid pan
Temperature probe
One halogen light
Languages: English, French, Spanish, Italian, German, Chinese
True simmer and melt settings
Black glass ceramic surface
1 - 1,400 W element
1 - 2,300 W element with 3,150 W boost